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Thought You Needed To See This

Trump Alien Hair

Weekly World News: September 27, 2004

Yes. I know it’s the Weekly World News, home of Batboy. But it is funny.


Getting Back to School

It is always a trial to grab the attention of teenagers and to keep it once you have it. You would think that a guy who teaches television wouldn’t have much trouble. However, last November my lab was broken into and about $15,000 went out the window. It pretty much set us back 10 years. So now? Instead of working on newscasts we are podcasting. Podcasting is an audio program designed to share information, entertain and let people discuss whatever is on their minds. If podcasting sounds a lot like talk radio it is only because podcasting is exactly like talk radio.  But it’s fun and the students seem to enjoy it.

If you want, you can listen to one right here. If you would like to see the last newscast we did, it’s here.

Doesn’t Mean A Thing


New Look.

I got to looking at the old web log and decided that I was VERY bored with the way it looked. Dark. Oppressive. Depressing.

The good people at have added some new Themes so I thought I would brighten things up a bit. Makes me want to start updating again. Next up? The Internet: Making America Totally Suck, One Comment at a Time.

Short Films: Day Two

Another great short film called Ascension. It is an experimental piece using what are basically After Effects Plug-Ins. But it is done so well and so seamlessly that I, at first glance, thought I was looking at something rendered in 3D on Maya or Blender.

Hope you enjoy it.

Short Films: Day One

I thought that I might look around at some of my favorite short films and share them. The first comes from Philip Bloom. I really like everything about this film. I have watched it several times and see something more to like each time.

The history of the Salton Sea fascinates me. I have NO idea why this part of America’s past, present and future isn’t taught in school.


More to follow. Promise…

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