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10 More of the Best DVD Covers…

OK. Last April I wrote a  post about movies and theaters and DVDs.  I had NO idea how it would be received. But for some reason, it became the most read post of my seldom seen little blog. Not a day goes by without getting at least one hit on the post and I have always meant to revisit this topic so…here are ten more of the best examples of DVD cover art I have seen.

Disclaimers and Explanations

This is about cover art. And it is about certain design aspects that I like. I haven’t seen many of these movies so the inclusion of a cover is not an endorsement of the movie. It just means that I like the cover.

Several of the covers come from the Criterion Collection. Criterion has been around since 1984. According to their Mission Statement the Criterion Collection is “a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, has been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements.” Basically, great movies presented in the best way possible. Their cover art represents the best in the industry. In fact, finding great cover art at Criterion becomes a matter of picking one or two at random. No matter what you pick, they’ll be great.

So, in no particular order, here are the latest 10 covers.

The People Speak

I know nothing about this movie. I just love the angular aspect of it. The red stripe stands out also.

Bad Girls

I know its just a compilation DVD, but the cover has a very cool retro thing going for it.

Two-Lane Blacktop

From Criterion. I love the photograph, the color, the font and layout. Did I miss anything?

Hellboy II

I don’t even know if this cover was printed or sold in North America. I just know that I like it.

Band of Brothers

Coming on the heels of the success of Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers is simply the best mini-series ever made. The cover is pretty great too.

Paris Texas

From Criterion. This might be one of my all time favorites.

The Best of Star Trek TOS

A new set of DVDs. They are using design cues from the Star Trek Movie posters. It works.

The Navy vs The Night Monsters

This movie is from 1966. The cover art is the original poster. Painted covers are a lot of fun and this one has everything. Monsters, heroes, ingenues in ripped dresses and nukes.

The Dark Knight

Hey… It’s Batman. In front of a building that’s on fire. On fire. In the shape of the Bat Signal.

A Serious Man

I don’t know a thing about this movie. I do like the cover though.

These are the best for now. Please feel free to send me more. And make a comment.


The 11 Best DVD Covers…that I could find.

OK. This one is just for me.

I have been in and out of the video production business since 1979. During that time, I have worked on the radio, as a newspaper columnist, a news producer, creative services director and on and on and on. I have made hundreds of commercials and thousands of promos, directed nationally televised live sports in the fledgling days of satellite networks, and even created and produced my own entertainment program for a local TV station. But that was then. The “now” is very different.

Entertainment has changed since 1979. Back then, if we wanted to see a movie we had to go to the theater. That or wait for it to air on commercial TV in a year or so. Not many people know this, but for years my favorite place in the entire world was inside a dark movie theater waiting to see the next great movie. While living in Baltimore I discovered art films and revival houses. The hours I spent in The Charles Theater, among others, in Baltimore, Maryland are still some of my favorite memories. It might have been the company I was keeping and it might have been the feeling of discovering something that I only vaguely knew existed. Either way, I wouldn’t have traded those days for anything.

But going to the movies isn’t what it used to be. It is a $100 trip out for the family to see some over-hyped, underwritten blockbuster that may or may not be worth seeing. The odd thing is that the movie industry has had to compete against itself ever since the first Betamax and VHS machines made their way into the homes and hearts of Americans. Why spend nearly $100 bucks to sit in a tiny multiplex with sticky floors, crying babies and nitwits yammering away on their cell phones when we can wait a couple of months and buy a copy for less than $20? To keep people into the theaters, movies have gotten bigger but not necessarily better.

But the truth is, to a movie fan, VHS just didn’t cut it. Can anyone imagine watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in their living room? What’s the point? I’ve heard the argument that nobody really liked “Eraserhead.” But I did. Every frame, every bizarre turn. And I will never see it again because it won’t play at the Regal Cinema 16 Multi-Gigaplex and I think that where I was and who I was with had as much to do with my fond memories of that film as the film itself. Feelings like that just can’t be recreated on a 27″ Phillips TV. Fast forward a few years and DVD is now the standard home video format. The picture is better, the sound is better and the discs last longer than tapes. But the theaters are smaller, the tickets cost more and the movies are just not as good. The last movie I went to a theater to see was Ironman. I took the kids and they loved it and I loved it. So we bought the DVD as soon as it came out. And it just doesn’t hold up to repeated viewings. The pacing falls off, the climax is missing something and the last scenes are out of place. Still like it. Just don’t love it. And that just might be the problem with DVD.

Are movies really designed to be watched over and over again? Is there a single movie that can hold up to repeated viewings without some of the luster being lost? “Casablanca”? (On a side note, the first time I saw “Casablanca” was at the The Charles.) “Saving Private Ryan”? “The Empire Strikes Back?” Any ideas?

Anyway, this isn’t about the death of film making. It actually started out as a celebration of a very specific kind of art. The DVD cover. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite DVD covers. Nothing special, no great revelations here. Just some really good design. It started out as the 10 best and became the 11 best. I will most likely add to the list as something strikes me. Like whenever I find something else I like.

Missing. 1982

Criterion Collection.

Love the use of blank space. Typography is clever too.

Salesman. 1968

Salesman. The Criterion Collection.

Old school documentary. Color, logo, picture. It all works.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Blade Runner

Iconic movie with a great painted cover.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters For DVD

Aquateen Hunger Force Colon Movie

This one has everything. Period.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet.

Perfect retro cover for this 1977 Eastwood flick.

This is Spinal Tap.

How much more black can it be? None. None more black.

How much more black can it be? None. None more black.

The Bad Sleep Well

Simple and effective.

Simple and effective.

The Last Seduction.

Dark. Smoky. Seductive. What else do you need?

Dark. Smoky. Seductive. What else do you need?

Star Wars Trilogy

The cover says it all. It's the REAL Star Wars.

The cover says it all. It's the REAL Star Wars.



Power and intensity.


One of my very favorites.

One of my very favorites.

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