Why teach television?

It’s actually a pretty good question. Why is television taught in public schools? I think that another good question might be, “Why isn’t television taught in public schools?”

It’s pretty obvious that television has a major impact on the lives of everyone in our society. Young people are particularly susceptible to the impact of TV. We live in a society where we are hit with thousands of media messages from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. And the common thread behind those messages is that they were all constructed with an agenda in mind. What we try to teach here at my school is that in order to really understand the media, the first step is to de-construct it.

Analysis is next and I have found that the best way to create a deep understanding of media messages is to learn how to create our own. That is the point of the classes that I teach.

I teach at a southern high school in a moderately sized city. We’ll leave it at that for a while because I am not authorized to speak for my school district and if anyone ever reads any of this, I might become a little freer with the personal information.

Anyway, thanks for looking in.


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