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An Idiot in Every Village

The idea that every village has an idiot is an old one. Oddly enough, the term itself wasn’t seen in print until 1907 where it appeared in George Bernard Shaw’s “Major Barbara.” [1]

“I myself have had a village idiot exhibited to me as something irresistibly funny.”

Folklore has us believe that the village idiot served an important purpose in his community. Some say it was his “down-home”, uneducated way of looking at and dealing with problems that helped ground a community in reality. A wise fool. Others say that having an idiot around made people feel better about themselves. While I am not a social anthropologist, I tend to agree with the second group. After all, we tend to gauge our own worth by another person’s unworthiness, don’t we? Or is it just me?

Today’s Village Idiot

Today, when we call someone a village idiot, we are not measuring his worth to a community. Instead, we are measuring the exact opposite. These are the people depicted in movies and cartoons as the lost and maligned folks standing on a street corner spouting gibberish or holding a doomsday sign or going on at great lengths to blame the Illuminati or the Lizard People for all of the world’s ills. Sit down at a bar and some village idiot might explain that 9/11 was an inside job or that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax. While his conspiracy concepts fall apart with the slightest application of fact or science, he will always just shrug and say something about “sheeple” or retort with “That’s what they want you to think.” The number one character trait of the conspiracy minded village idiot is that he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us. With his keen eye and clever wit, the new village idiot can look at a picture of a guy on the moon and say, “Look. No stars. There’s all the proof you need. We never went to the moon.” Never mind the fact that he isn’t a photographer, doesn’t understand f-stops or exposure time and can’t get his head around the fact that starlight is actually rather dim. To him, no stars is proof enough. Because he is smarter than you. Even smarter than the guy at NASA who was running the whole fake moon landing dog and pony show.

In his own mind, he is brilliant. To the rest of the villagers, he is just an idiot. Mildly interesting, might buy you a drink if you listen while he pontificates, but still just kind of an idiot. His views never leave the village. He never gets that credit he feels he deserves.

Enter The Global Village Idiot

In the quaint old days of village idiocy, if a village idiot wanted to find a like-minded person, he had to travel to the nearest village and find their idiot. Now? We have the Internet and this technological leap has allowed all the idiots in all the villages all over the world to get together, bandy about various theories and issues and then pat each other on the back for being so much more clever than the “sheeple.” They now have a voice and a forum and this leads us to something I call the Global Village Idiot Syndrome (GVIS).  Their lunacy is spreading around the globe, forum by forum, website by website. Now every single outlandish idea or thought or concept can be served up as fact and normal, non-village idiots are buying in. Don’t believe me? Donald J. Trump is the the Republican candidate for the presidency of the Unites States of America. Tell me that isn’t the work of a global network of idiots.

Historically, the village idiot (VI) was regarded as a source of humor or as generally harmless. Today’s VI is a force to be reckoned with and comes in many different flavors. Only a well organized VI group could have convinced Americans that the best way to stop gun violence is to buy more guns and carry them openly. Only a well organized VI group could be responsible for the return of whooping cough and measles. Organic food? Illuminati conspiracies? 9/11 truthers? Birthers? All contributable to the GVIS. Normal people are swept up in the VI madness, shrug and join up. In whispers and what-ifs at first. Then it’s blog posts, t-shirts and a Cafe Press page.

Information Cascade

Global Village Idiot Syndrome is somewhat related to an information cascade. An information cascade occurs when people follow the advice and information of others while ignoring their own privately held preferences, convictions and knowledge. It is a herding effect. In even simpler terms, it’s why people don’t go into empty restaurants.

  1. I am in a new town and am hungry.
  2. I want seafood.
  3. The seafood restaurant is empty.
  4. The steak restaurant next door is full.
  5. I don’t want steak.
  6. Those people must know something I don’t.
  7. I will have steak instead of seafood.

While information cascade theory can be applied to almost everything including the rise and fall of the Stock Market, GVIS is strictly applied to society.

The Global Village Idiot Syndrome in Action

Transphobia is kind of a thing right now. Check the comment boards. I use the comment sections from stories posted on Yahoo! as my personal Doomsday Countdown Clock. We are 3 minutes to midnight folks. Six months ago no one cared who was in the stall next to them when using a public bathroom. Now? Panic, fear and anxiety accompany us into the bathroom. Why? Because at some point some village idiot decided that bathroom privileges are a birthright. And by that I mean, the right bathroom to use depends on what you were at birth. Boys rooms are for boys-at-birth and ladies rooms are for girls-at-birth. Throw away years of science, psychology and compassion because the Village Idiots have come up with a solution in search of a problem. Now, due to GVIS, good old-fashioned, short-haired girls are being harassed or pulled out of ladies rooms because they don’t look “girly” enough. Normal people are now peeking under the stall to make sure that someone else isn’t going to make them uncomfortable. Yes. GVIS is turning normal people, people who absolutely know better, into peeping toms. And how many trans-related molestations have occurred in these bathrooms? Exactly none. The average person is more likely to be molested in a public restroom by a republican congressman than they are a trans-person.

Now What?

Village idiots love to say, “I don’t have to have a solution…it’s my job to point out the problem and present the facts.” While it’s often not their job and “facts” is an ambitious word for “stuff I read on the Internet”, without a solution, what’s the point?

So…how do we cure the Global Village Idiot Syndrome.

We don’t. We can merely manage the symptoms. Stay informed. Read everything, even things you don’t agree with. Learn what the other side actually thinks. Read their research and compare it to your own. Think and then think some more. If we can’t be critical, we end up believing that there are FEMA Camps, that we never went to the moon, that more guns is the solution to gun violence and that Donald Trump should be running this country.





Now In 3D!

3D is all the rage. Again. I personally find it difficult to sit through a 3D movie without way too much eyestrain but people seem to enjoy it so more multidimensional movies are being made and the process is creeping into our homes with 3D TVs and video games. But being an old-school kind of guy (I have yet to buy a cell phone. I am waiting for them to catch on…), I remember with fondness the red and blue glasses of my youth. They came in comic books and magazines and they turned those weirdly colored pictures into an adventure. Those old anaglyph images have regained their “cool” so I have been fooling around with converting some 2D photos into 3D. I would like to bring 3D creation into the classroom somehow but I am still working out the details.

I thought I might share some of the results from my little experiment. One little detail. You need some red/blue glasses to see the 3D effect. The pictures are 2D conversions and are the result of my very first efforts. I intend to refine my skills but these aren’t so terrible…Feel free to offer tips or tricks or to just be critical.


First we'll take Manhattan...

2D to 3D conversion.

Took this picture on the way home one day.

2d to 3d conversion.

2D to 3D conversion.

2D To 3D Conversion

Let me know if they work or don’t work.

Picking Up The Pace and Tying Up Loose Ends…

It has been a while since I put anything on this blog. There are plenty of reasons that I could share but none of them are particularly useful as excuses. Unless you count the attempted murder. Or the fire…

But that is behind us and it is time to move forward. I think that I need to pick up the pace in writing new posts. I also need to finish my unintentional series on Fixing Education. And, apparently, I need to quote Ronald Reagan some more. He seems to be very popular for some reason. OK. That’s a bit disingenuous. I know why Ronald Reagan is so popular. It’s because he was such a Liberal. Right?


I want to start posting on a weekly basis, at least. I would also like to narrow the focus here a little bit better. I seem to be all over the place. It kind of mirrors the way I think but I never intended the articles here to be a roadmap to my thought process. I would also like to get more comments from readers. Anything really. Suggest topics, share your likes or dislikes, or even just general comments.

There is a wealth of political topics to discuss also. It seems as if the Republican Party has been infiltrated by a radical cadre of hyper-rightwing, poor-people hating, money loving, union busting post-boomers. They hate the middle class and they hate the working class with such a passion that they seem willing to destroy this way of life as readily as they would swat a mosquito. The Tea Party Republicans hate everyone except those they aspire to be. The wealthy.

The Tea Party Republican Agenda

This is just off the cuff and poorly researched but…the Tea Party is perfectly willing to call teachers a drain on society because of their “thugish” unions and their ridiculous fiscal planning and uppity retirement plans. But GE, the world’s largest corporation, can announce a worldwide yearly profit of $14.2 Billion with just over $5 Billion coming from their American operations while still paying $Zero in taxes and the Tea Party is just fine with that. In fact, GE claimed, and received, a tax benefit of over $3 Billion. If we count just the North American profits of $5 Billion, that means that GE was taxed at a rate of -60%. So, using the new Tea Party math, if I made a very fictional $50K last year, I should expect a tax benefit of $30,000.00. Sounds fair to me. I need to get those union thugs on this right away…

…but these Union Thugs don’t spend $Millions each year on lobbyists and tax lawyers like GE does. They just bargain collectively for teachers, a high crime in the eyes of the new regime. But that brings us back full circle. You know who hated the GE tax dodge? Ronald Reagan. You know who didn’t hate collective bargaining? Ronald Reagan. So I will leave you with a quote from the Rightwing’s favorite pinko commie…

Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.

~Ronald Reagan

Fixing Education Part 3: Taking Back Kindergarten

Educators and legislators need to look back at their own education and try to remember what they did in Kindergarten. Once they do, they need to take a long hard look at what Kindergarten has become.

Kindergarten Is The New First Grade

When I was just starting out in school, Kindergarten was fun. As a child I looked forward to finger-painting, playing with blocks and learning all about numbers and the usefulness of the alphabet. I remember learning to print my name and I remember learning to count to 100. I still have crystal clear memories of the accomplishment of reaching 100 for the first time. That number was such a foreign concept to my 4 year-old mind (yes…4 years old) that I had honestly thought that it would take a week to get there.

So we spent the day coloring, tracing letters, learning numbers and understanding what they represented. The teacher read stories to us and I learned to fall in love with Dr. Seuss and, by extension, reading. She showed us how to draw and paint and I learned to love art. She showed us how to carefully craft our letters so that they could form our names and I learned to love writing. We also played with toys and each other and we took naps and ate graham crackers and milk. I checked with my mother. There was never a day when I refused to go to school. Kindergarten was fun. But it was so much more than that.

Learn By Playing?

It took me a long to time to appreciate the depth of the education I received during that first year of school. I thought we were messing with paint. Turns out we were learning about colors and aesthetics and even cleaning up after ourselves. While we thought we were playing house, we were actually learning how to interact with other human beings, all about gender differences and equalities, and about fair-play. While we were playing with blocks and toy cars and stuffed animals, we were also learning how to share, how to resolve our own problems and how to deal with conflict. Everything we did, learned and experienced had one simple outcome. We learned how to learn. The lessons were simple but lifelong. And they are sorely missing in today’s education.

Getting my son to go to school everyday was a chore. Every day was a battle. Every morning was filled with tears and pleading to stay home. It took me a while to figure out why my son was so against school. His school had taken the Kindergarten lessons and tossed them out and replaced them with a 1st grade curriculum. It might have been my fault he wasn’t totally prepared but an hour of homework a day in Kindergarten is just wrong.         ~Georgia Mother

If we refuse to acknowledge the importance of play-based learning, we may never reach all of our students. And instead of figuring out how to learn and to love learning, we set our kids up for failure at a very early age. Putting five year-old behinds into seats to teach them through traditional lectures flies in the face of everything we know about education. Children at that age just don’t work that way. Children learn by doing and through experience. David Elkind, author and psychologist wrote, “Learning teaches us what we know, play makes it possible for new things to be learned. There are many concepts and skills that can only be learned through play.” Social skills are first on the list.

So, instead of well-rounded eager students, many of us are getting frustrated, burned-out students who lack social skills, impulse control and simple conflict resolution skills. Instead of students who read for the sheer joy of it, who write because writing is fun and who can slog their way through Algebra and Trig simply because they can add, subtract, multiply and divide, we get students who can barely read, can’t form a sentence and can’t do simple two digit multiplication without a calculator. It is not the fault of the students. It is not the fault of the teachers. It is because of a system that has been redesigned over the past decade, not at the hands of educators but at the hands of politicians.

Fitting Into The Plan

In order to save our high schools we must start in Kindergarten. In spite of what politicians want us to believe, kids aren’t failing because their teachers are bad. They are not failing because they have failed the system. They are failing because the system has failed them. The system is flawed and it places too much emphasis on quantitative data and not enough on qualitative data. Sure, a kid could be terrible at math but that same child could grow up to be a great author or songwriter or artist. We will never know if that same child learns, in Kindergarten, that he or she just doesn’t measure up. And that would be the real failure of our education system.

A Love Affair Is Ending: It’s All Your Fault Apple

It’s Not Me. It’s You.

I was a PC guy in the earliest days of computers. Apple? An amusing oddity. But 10 years ago something happened. I got my hands on my first iBook G4 and it was Apple Fever Baby. What once took thousands of dollars in a TV production studio could now be done on a laptop. I jumped in with both feet.

Apple was a great friend to many creative industries. I have no idea why, but Apple computers just worked better when it came to graphic arts, publishing and video production/filmmaking. Apple practically defined an industry with Final Cut Pro by bringing a low cost, professional, non-linear editing suite to a common laptop computer. Independent filmmakers were able to be truly independent while increasing their production values. Apple made this possible without the need for studios or investors. But now? Apple is no longer interested in being a production tool for the creation of art. They are far more interested in being a fashion statement.

It All Begins With The iPod

The iPod is a brilliant machine. The first generation iPod was a game changer. Period. When it was released in 2001 an entire industry shifted and there are not too many companies that can make that claim. Xerox, Polaroid, Microsoft, Google and Netflix should be on everyone’s list of companies that changed the way we work and play. Apple also deserves a place on that list. The iPod has changed not only the way we listen to music, but it also has changed the way we buy our music and, as a result, the entire music industry.

Gone are the days when consumers purchased an entire CD to get one or two really good songs. Now, we boot up iTunes and can cherry pick what we want to listen to and load it into an iPod. Not just a simple MP3 player, the first iPod was a 5-10 gigabyte machine that used a 1.6″ hard drive for storage. The addition of a mechanical menu scroll which included a select button in the center of four navigation buttons. iPod owners soon discovered that they could navigate their way through their music libraries without taking the player out of their pockets. And as game changing as that first generation iPod was, they just got better with the addition of video, photo storage, larger hard drives, cover flow and eventually video cameras and FM radio. This all culminated with what I think is the best iPod ever. The 5th Generation iPod Nano.

The 5th Gen Nano was sleek, sexy and packed full of the features that confirmed that Apple knew what people wanted. Apple had no problem giving it to them either. The 5th Gen Nano came with either 8 or 16 gigabytes of storage, a larger screen, video playback, a built in video camera, FM radio, Cover Flow and even a pedometer to help keep track of workouts. It was, in a word, perfect and any other competitor was merely a pretender.   And for some reason it only lasted a year. It was replaced with the very reason I now question my relationship with Apple.

Less is Not More: The 6th Generation Nano

In September of 2010, exactly one year after the release of the previous Nano, Apple released its successor. The New Nano, referred to from now on as the Nano Touch, was released to the buying public as a breakthrough. Small and functional with a multi-touch display. But they left out the part where they left stuff out. Like the video camera and even the ability to play video at all. So Nano Touch users can no longer sync their players with iTunes and expect to see the videos they’ve downloaded. Apple also developed a new way to navigate subfolders that requires multiple swipes and touches and whatever else. The simple elegance of the original click wheel is gone as is the classic Nano design. This thing is as elegant as a matchbox. It is an iPod Shuffle with an awkward touch screen. I played with it for about 10 minutes at the store and knew that the Nano was dead to me now.

I simply hate this thing and everything it represents.

What this represents to me is the ultimate expression of style over substance.  The Apple that I fell in love with was all about getting the job done. It has been a slow process but, of late, Apple  products seem to be more about being seen at Starbucks with a Mac. Taking away Firewire from the Macbook was the first clue. It came back but it took some consumer pressure. A total lack of Blue-Ray support still mystifies me. Apple CEO Steve Jobs called Blue-Ray “a big bag of hurt” due to licensing  concerns. But licensing got easier and Blue-Ray is still missing. Then there is the famous Blue-Ray e-mail:


I, as well as many people I know, have HD camcorders now. The mac has been a wonderful platform for working with HD video of family and friends and special events. However, there doesn’t seem to be a good solution to distribute that HD video to family and friends while retaining high quality. I was wondering if you have any plans for Blu-ray in the mac lineup for those of us who want to be able to share our HD video.

The reply, while short, said so much:

“YouTube now supports HD video.”

Nice. In just 5 words, Steve Jobs told his consumer base that their concerns are meaningless, HD video is better served on YouTube and that he really isn’t interested in discussing it further. It fails to acknowledge that iPhones and iPod Touches don’t support HD video or Flash, necessary to view HD on YouTube. And, this is the big one, it fails to address the needs of those consumers who use their Apples for a living. Can you imagine a wedding videographer who has just finished an HD wedding video for a client and has to tell the bride and groom that if they want to see their High Def masterpiece, they need to go to YouTube? For the video producer it means more work, more equipment and more software.

Hardware products like the Macbook Air and the iPad make no sense to me. Why do they even exist? The Macbook Air is a sleek design


masterpiece. Of course it doesn’t come with a DVD/CD drive. Apple says that is not really a problem because you can always download programs or, if that isn’t an option, you can buy (from Apple) a portable drive that is almost as big as the computer itself. If you leave it your designer computer bag, you won’t look like a dork at the local Starbucks.

The iPad has an obvious reason to exist. The iTunes Store. The only real way to make an iPad useful is to personalize it through the Apps store. For money. It’s a great way to make free stuff cost money. I realize that the iPad is really in a category all by itself and that the jury is still out, but I had a conversation with an Apple engineer and told him that I was looking for any advantages an iPad could bring to the classroom. Sure, it was early in the iPad’s lifespan but, ultimately, the answer was, “Sorry, can’t help.” But it certainly looks cool.

Switching to Decaf

Apple might not of entirely changed their mission statement. And I might be overreacting. But something about the Nano Touch doesn’t feel right. It feels more like a marketing ploy than an actual, usable product. Perhaps the 5th Gen Nano was too good. Maybe it was taking sales away from the Touch and needed to be “refreshed” in order to boost Touch sales. I don’t know. But my new MP3 player will not be an iPod. Maybe I will go through some boxes in the attic and see if my old Walkman cassette player is still up there…

You Are Ruining My Country. Stop It.

This might actually count as a “Part One” but who knows? It’s an open letter to Terry Jones.

To: Terry Jones
FR: Teaching TV
RE: Please Stop Ruining America

Dear Mr. Jones,

The whole world is atwitter over your little publicity stunt concerning the Koran and some matches. Congratulations. You have finally made it to the big leagues and the entire world knows who you are. A backwoods, hick pastor who preaches intolerance and hatred. A sad, desperate, little man who is seeking attention no matter the cost. Again sir, my congratulations.

And what about those costs? As if the job isn’t dangerous enough, you have managed to put the lives of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in the Middle East at an even greater risk. You managed to make American Christians look like a bunch of xenophobic buffoons. You have managed to turn a day of remembrance into a pathetic publicity grab for yourself. And you have managed to turn the nation’s attention away from real issues and got it to focus on your personality disorder and your Chester A. Arthur mustache.

Sir, you profess to be a Man Of God. I am sorry but I have to question that. But as you read your bible, look for the words of Jesus and read what he had to say about our enemies. Here’s one of my favorites:

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good…

Just a suggestion, I am sure. But a suggestion from God should probably carry more weight with a Pastor, don’t you think?

You see, I love everything that America is supposed to stand for. It is why I served in the Navy and it is why you have made me so angry. How dare you deal with intolerance by preaching intolerance. How dare you deal with with hatred by preaching hatred. How dare you do that in MY country. What gives Terry Jones the right to remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and the final sacrifice of thousands of fine young Americans by holding an old-fashioned book burning? Have you EVER read the Constitution? Have you ever been a student of history?

And when the entire weight of world opinion has turned against you, you come up with a proposal that involves the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” Some things might have slipped your mind, sir.

  • There is no Ground Zero Mosque. It is a Muslim Community Center.
  • We have a thing called the Constitution. Read it.
  • Extortion is illegal.
  • Threatening an entire group of people with a violent act unless your demands are met is called terrorism.

I don’t like the fact that we have to live in fear because some religious fanatics get their feelings hurt. But if we “hurt the feelings” of Islamic fanatics, it had best be for a good reason and we had best be prepared for a long, bloody war with many, many dead people on both sides. But to stir up the anger of a million or more primitive nutcases for some hick’s 15 minutes of fame is beyond insane. If one extra American, if one extra human being has to die because of your little stunt, then I hope you go to jail forever.


Teaching TV

Final Thoughts

The real tragedy here is that on some level, Terry Jones is correct. There should be no reason that America should cower in fear when it comes to dealing with these fanatics. Isn’t anyone left who has what it takes to say “Bring it on”? And all that talk about shock and awe? We can really do that you know. But instead, we look at the grizzly bear sleeping in the corner and tell people to tip toe past instead of shooting it in the head.

Someone has to be the grown-up here. I get that. But that doesn’t mean kowtowing to terrorists. 50 people say they want to burn a Koran and entire countries ignite? No sense of perspective, no sense of humanity and no sense of humor. All the hallmarks of a primitive society. But do we have to lower ourselves to their level every single time? “They did it first” is no argument for an adult. I didn’t let my 5 year old get away with it so why should Terry Jones and his ilk?

That one hate-filled person with a tiny following can disrupt the world is a testament to the fragility of the American Spirit, the power of stupid people in groups and the ability of the Internet to lend credence where it is neither due nor welcome.

Terry Jones? You are ruining my country. Stop it.

The Internet Sucks And It Is Ruining America…Part Two

How To Write A Stupid Comment Without Looking Completely Stupid

I am not an English teacher. I do not write in a technically proficient way. I don’t like to grade papers on anything but content because I write as I think…sort of. I qualify that statement so that I can separate myself from the great sodden masses of Internet Commentators.

Let me rephrase that. Not Internet Commentators. Internet Commentors. A commentator is generally a person who is seen as an expert in aCourtesy of The Internet certain subject like politics or sports or video games or something. A commentor is just that. A person who posts a thought (I use the word “thought” in the loosest possible connotation) at the end of some story or blog entry they read on the Internet. And that is the biggest problem with the Internet. Everyone gets a turn. There are no signs that say, “Your IQ must be this high to ride.” That is why we get gems like this:

How many more must we loose…

And this:

We should just nuke aghgan y not it doesn’t seem like they wanna change,so what the hell get ride

And let’s not forget this gem…

Im sure there were not to many mexicans hurt in mexico, their all here..
They have a big skimmer to pick up oil, do they one for Mexicans?

So what can we learn from these posts? Racism is fun again, people REALLY don’t like Mexicans and there just might be a correlation between hatred and education. More hate equals more dumb.

A Guide To Posting Stupid

Anyone can post anything and I am not a thought cop. And I also know that some people simply post horrible thoughts on the Internet for kicks or to compensate for virginity. But some of what I am reading these days is SO poorly written, it’s laughable. I mean who can really take the poorly scribed rantings of a semi-literate Internet troll seriously? But what if the same rants were written in actual English?

Im sure there were not to many mexicans hurt in mexico, their all here..


I am certain that there were not too many Mexicans hurt in Mexico…They’re all here..

Literate hatred is, somehow, far more frightening than illiterate hatred. So how do I rant like a frightened child without sounding like I never finished the sixth grade? It’s all in the vocabulary. Get control of the most basic parts of English and the silly troll becomes…uhmmm…I don’t know…Glenn Beck? The biggest problem stems not from the ignorance of the Commentors but, rather, from the unbridled pride taken in such ignorance. As I wrote earlier, racism is fun again. Xenophobia is all the rage and the have-nots now look at middle-class with disdain, as if a lifetime of fiscal management and pension plans now makes them a bunch of socialist slaves sucking at the teat of the mainstream media. And we know this because guys like Beck tell them so.

So here is my short but sweet guide to posting stupid stuff while not looking like a stupid person.

  • Loose doesn’t equal lose.
  • Then doesn’t equal than.
  • There doesn’t equal their which doesn’t equal they’re.
  • Are doesn’t equal our.
  • To doesn’t equal too.
  • Punctuation matters. Always has, always will.
  • Text Speak makes you look 13 years old.
  • Typing in all caps makes people angry and the writer look crazy. Crazy people are easily dismissed.
  • Spell check. That red squiggly line under your word means you can’t spell. Right click and fix it.

It really is easy. Just a nip there and a tuck here and you go from raving, backwoods lunatic to a literate person with an actual idea. And an actual person with an idea like,

“Most of these racist comments are not from Americans. There is a company in Asia that hires people to make these comments. I followed the money trail and it came back to a company in Florida. This company is owned by Rush Limbaugh.”

becomes just a little bit scarier.

Next: Dumbing Down America One TV Show at a Time.

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