Random Thoughts Acting as a Placeholder.

Odd title, Huh?

Fact is, things got kind of screwy in the past couple of weeks.  Our school took a week long fall break, grades were due and I HATE grading things. Meetings had to be attended and other meetings had to be proctored. Paperwork piled up on my desk and if I wanted to see the students, I had to complete some of it. But I haven’t forgotten my self-imposed duties here. I’ve just been ignoring them. Like the grass I still need to cut.


Things got pretty crazy on the political scene since the last debate. Sarah Palin has all but slipped off the radar while the media has parked their satellite trucks outside of the house of Joe the Plumber. Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that Joe the Plumber has given more interviews to the press than the republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin? What are they afraid of and how will impact the election?

I made my students take an ABC News presidential quiz in class. It’s a unique sort of quiz because it is based on quotes from the candidates. Two quotes are shown on the same subject and you pick the one you agree with the most. Both classes ended up choosing Barack Obama but at least they understood some of the issues a little better. And it was fun.


This pretty much sums up what I think about most meetings.

It’s a link. Click on it.

Gas Prices and the American Way.

OK…during fall break gas prices went from $4.09 a gallon to $2.73 a gallon. Awesome. Except for one tiny little problem. Gas went up because we use too much and and don’t plan ahead for little things like hurricanes. So, when we all stopped using so much gas the prices went down. So where’s the problem? I’ll answer my question with another question. When was the last time anyone in this great country of ours learned anything from the past?

Remember the gas crunch of the late ’70’s? Remember the problems Katrina caused with the flow of refined petroleum products? For that matter, am I the only one who can see a correlation between Vietnam and Iraq? What’s going to keep the good people of this great country from forgetting everything and going through gasoline like it’s a birth right thereby driving the price right back up again?

Church Signs.

I love church signs. I started looking at them when I realized that the word “Congratulations” was never spelled correctly. It was always “Congradulations Seniors” or “Congradulations Mr. and Mrs. Jones on your 40th Wedding Anniversary.”

But as I read more I realized that some church leaders have a sense of humor. Some of my recent favorites include these gems:

Stop Drop and Roll Doesn’t Work In Hell.

Wal-Mart Isn’t The Only Saving Place.

Sign Broken: Come Inside For Message.

I’ll keep looking and maybe I’ll keep a camera handy.


What in the world is wrong with the new TV season this year. I have yet to find a show that I even want to watch, much less get attached to. Even the best show on TV, The Office, is missing the mark.


That’s it for today. I’m working on a discussion of rigor and how this current educational buzz-word is being applied in all the wrong ways.


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